29 March 2013

Oh my I got the urge to Hop! It must be Easter!!!! Lets make a Bunny....link to a 60min bunny make..

Spring should be in the air...it is just difficult to see it under all the snow!

Well I am flirting with another blog site and have been a media tart and posted there as well if you fancy having a look...I  have managed to post photos... click on this link -


See what you think.  Would LOVE some feedback, good bad or ugly everything helps!

Also I have brought myself up to speed with technology after my netbook got a bit moody, i'd ask it to do something and quite often the answer was ' computer says no'!!!!

So I am working on a (drum roll please) a Sony Vaio Tap 20" ... it is amazballs a home computer and a giant touch screen as well it is like being in Lilliput when you use it as a tablet!!!!

To go with this I also, after being coached*  by Quinton Wench to do so, bought a digital SLR. I had to be very careful because the main enemies of these cameras are water and sand so living by the sea that really was an issue but I found a pentax k-30 which is weather and dust proof  RESULT! Double result is it comes in white! Actually it is also available in black, red and blue really nice to have a choice.

Must admit I am slightly in love with this camera but I don't understand all it can do...yet!  The manual is VERY thick! (insert your own jokes here!)

Here is one of my new photos..

Anyway that's my week so far....hope yours has been ok too.
(Dont forget to pop over and take a peak at the other blog if you get the chance really would appreciate it especially as the banner is set to black but is appearing green on this computer! weird!


Toodle pip!

* told off/advised :-)!

What do you think?

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